Summer League

Summer League

Waterside Summer League 2019

The Waterside Summer League started April 23rd. There are 3 divisions each containing 8 teams. Each team plays other teams in the division once. Each team match has 4 singles matches (between the 2 players of each team) and a doubles match. Each team can have any number of players[Read More…]

Waterside Summer League 2018

There are 9 teams in Div 2 that will play each other once. Div 1 is split into two groups of 7. The teams in each group play each other. There will then be matches between the teams of the other group in the equivalent positions Nominal start time 7:30pm[Read More…]

Waterside Individual Summer League

John Fox has organised an Individual Summer League. Players are organised into different groups each week. Players only play each other only once throughout the competition. Players will play the other players in their group (as long as they have not previously played each other). The top 3 players of[Read More…]

Waterside Summer League

The table tennis season has finished and it is time to start with our own Summer League, which will run on Mondays, from 30th April until 30th July. If you want to register your team, just download the registration form. Alternatively, you can get a form at the club.