Competitions, Division 2, Southampton League

A question of styles

It is always difficult playing another team from the same club, especially if opposing players have previously sparred with each other on several occasions on practice nights at Testwood. Each player knows the others’ weaknesses and need to produce something special to win the games. With Wojciech playing for the G side, it seemed like three games were already accounted for, but wily Tony took him all the way to five sets, losing a close 8-11 in the final set. The pimpled rubber was causing problems again! Clearly Wojciech was the man of the evening, taking all his three (plus the doubles, along with Eddie) games. The other games were closely contested and a ‘draw’ would have been a good result for the H team, but Eddie was playing consistently well to deny that result, helping his G squad record another 6-4 win.