Competitions, Division 2, Southampton League

Closer than the score suggests

Tuesday night’s match at Cavendish Hall resulted in a 7 – 3 win for St Denys. Although 7 out of the 10 games only went to 3 sets, the result could/should have been more favourable as St Denys had an under-strength side and, although their substitute played well, we (Dave, Jeff and Colin) just needed a couple of games against the old stalwarts, Keith Hewitt and Barry Dobson, to obtain a draw. Keith played his usual mixed style of long/short services, with/without spin to a variety of places on the table, playing a very defensive game and waiting for his opponent to make the first mistake, which we invariably obliged! Barry played his unique style of early blocking, with angled bat, to move his opponent around the table. Waterside members each came close to getting the better of Barry, who is more vulnerable to more aggressive, attacking play, but he knew his equipment and venue better.

A late start (7.40pm) inevitably meant a late finish (10.40pm), even though the games were generally short. Of course there was the welcome brief refreshment break, mid-evening. Winning just one game each does not help the Waterside H team members’ averages. We cannot be faulted for our efforts though.