Competitions, Division 2, Southampton League

Hard-fought contest

The Waterside “H” squad of Dave, Colin & Jeff arrived in plenty of time for the match against Hedge End “B”, at their Social Club, and had to wait for a significant time for the home team to present themselves and set up the equipment. At least the surrounding were comfortable!

The warm-ups in no way reflected the playing styles once the matches got under way. Top-spin forehand-to-forehand and backhand-to-backhand shot in the warm-ups gave way to determined back-spun balls in the matches. There were some good attacking shots from both sides but players were generally trying to be really canny with their returns.

The man of the match was Martin Cheffy, who won all 3 of his games, but Dave Goodyer was the best and most consistent of the Waterside “H” team, winning 2 of his games, besides winning the doubles along with Colin. Dave’s unique style of out-of-sight, below-the-table returns cause problems for the opposition, because they cannot see what effect he is giving to the returned ball!

Colin & Jeff both out-played the “Barna bat” player Terry Mills, to secure a well-earned draw.

Jeff Davies