Inter-towns – Round 1

Waterside hosted on Sunday the 13th of November this season’s first of three rounds of the InterTown table tennis tournament for Cadets (Under 15) and Juniors (Under 18). Team’s from Andover, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton took part in two seperate events for Cadets and Juniors. The format of the day’s play involved a total of 35 competitors representing their own town in an individual event with progression through to the knockout rounds and then onto the finals where each match won contributed points towards their teams combined total.

Southampton was represented by players from Waterside and Southampton West, and the youngsters will go to round two, which will be held on the 22nd of January 201, to battle hard to close the gap against Bournemouth players.

Alan Dawson won the Cadet’s competition for Southampton, winning against Shay Pollard from Bournemouth. In the Juniors, Jamie Trevillion (Bournemouth) won the final against Oliver Hack (Southampton).