Competitions, Division 2, Southampton League

Pimpled bat again!

A match full of uncertainty, especially with Dave Goodyer suffering with an injury which prevents too much movement.  It was going to be a tough match! However, our fears were dispelled as the Waterside H trio each gained 2 games plus the doubles against Lesley Jerram and Gerry White.  Once again, Tony Tidswell’s style (and pimpled bat!) had the opposition struggling, including Anne Longland, who he took to 5 sets, before finally succumbing to her, the player of the night.  Dave moved well, enjoying “opening-up” on occasions and confusing the opposition with his below-table-top level scoop shots.  Jeff grew in confidence as the evening progressed, effectively employing angled block defence, with rare attacking play.

Although there was a good deal of canny chopping and moving around the table, there were many instances of good, open rallies, where smashes were quickly returned in succession.  Counter-hitting was very good on both sides and home advantage paid off often.

A most pleasing evening and 7-3 result, which was rather flattering for Waterside H.