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STTA Match Report week ending 14th Dec 2014

john mcPremier Division

The gap at the top of the division remained unchanged after 1st place Soton West A beat 8th place Soton West B 10-0. 2nd10626177_10154589910540018_6350281781467808340_o place Waterside A beat 6th place Soton West C 10-0. 3rd place Waterside B lost 6-4 to 5th place Alpha A (Player of the Match Alex Rorke won all 3 for Alpha A). 4th place Generation II beat 7th place10688368_10154589913095018_1693921930766993504_o Waterside C 7-3 (Player of the Match Mike Rhodes won all 3 for Generation II).

Division 1Paul May

Soton West D extend their lead at the top of the division to 9 points after a 9-1 victory over 8th place Four Ts A (Player of the Match Paul May and Steve White won all 3 for Soton West D). 2nd place Waterside E beat 10th place Soton West G 7-3 (Player of the Match Jack Doncom won all 3 for Soton West G). 3rd place Hedge End A beat 11th place Soton West F 10-0. 5th place Insurance beat 9th place Alpha B 7-3 (Player of the Match Roger Winkworth won all 3 for Insurance). 8th place Four Ts A drew with 10th place Soton West G (Player of the Match Ian Short won 2 for Four Ts A).
Soton West F vs Hedge End Alee
Soton West F gave it their all against Hedge End A, but lost 10-0.In the first game Lee Rosamond had a 7-1 lead on Plunkett having troubled his oppenent with tricky serves, but lost out 11-9 and in the third leg came back from well down only to lose 11-9 again. John Taylor who was unbeaten on the night added to Plunkett’s treble with his serve and loop drives giving his oppenents all kinds of trouble.Dave Woodacre in only his second start of the season won his three singles having used his fierce forehand to full effect.Pete Humphry gave him a tough battle losing in 4 close sets.Branka was close with Taylor for two sets, but lost the next two sets and that rubber 3-1.Against Plunkett she showed signs of a comeback leading 10-7 in the third leg, but just lost out 15-13.In his final game Taylor was dominent on his own serve v Rosamond and returned serve well enough to take it in straight sets to add to Soton West’ misery.
— Robin.Plunkett

Division 2

Waterside G see their lead at the top of the division slip to 14 points as they did not play this week. Hedge End B move up to 5th place after a 7-3 victory over 2nd place Four Ts B (Player of the Match Martin Cheffy won 2 for Hedge End B). 8th place Soton West J lost 9-1 to 9th place5E4A8497 Waterside K (Player of the Match Jon Stubbs and Katie Holt won all 3 for Waterside K).

Soton West J vs Waterside K

A very good night for Waterside, with Katie Holt and Jon Stubbs both winning all their matches with a good combination of controlled spin and agressive shots. Felix Gaul out played Trevor Mowle with several high speed top spin rallies, but that was the only success for Southampton West that evening, despite some very close matches. – Trevor Mowle

Division 35E4A8131

Waterside N extend their lead at the top of the division to 7 points after a 7-3 victory over 8th place Soton West K (Player of the Match Albert Garcia won all 3 for Waterside N). Waterside M move up to 2nd place after a 10-0 victory over 8th place Soton West K. New Community A move up to 5th place after a 9-1 victory over 10th place Wimpey (Player of the Match Ian Shapey and Tony Hislop won all 3 for New CommunitDave Eatony A). Simmarians B move up to 9th place after an 8-2 victory over 11th place Four Ts D (Player of the Match Dave Cheeseman and Max Berg won all 3 for Simmarians B). 6th place New Community B beat 12th place Soton West L 6-4 (Player of the Match Mike Harris won all 3 for New Community B).
Waterside N vs Soton West K
Bruce Merikin gave the league leaders a run for their money all night but man of the match Albert Garcia dominated their much awaited final game of the evening. Waterside N finish the first half of the season undefeated but they are looking over their shoulders at colleagues of L and M who meet in a crunch game next week.
— Bob Davies

Division 45E4A8144

Waterside P extend their lead at the top of the division to 15 points after a 6-4 victory over 7th place Waterside R (Player of the Match Jamie Fields 10295240_10154589910030018_8654149328431328320_owon all 3 for Waterside P). Waterside Q move up to 3rd place after a 6-4 victory over 2nd place Waterside O (Player of the Match Siche Qian won 2 for Waterside Q). 6th place Soton West O lost 6-4 to 8th place Waterside S (Player of the Match Ali Mcquay won all 3 for Soton West O).
Waterside Q vs Waterside O
This was quite a remarkable match. After the first 5 games second placed Waterside O seemed to be on top of this match at the half way point winning 4-1 against Waterside Q. However the next two games which were very closely contested proved to be the turning point. First of all, in the doubles, Rob Sills and George Jones lost their first 2 sets but somehow recovered to win in the 5th set. kimThen Rob had to play Sue Zanelotti, he lost the first set and then eventually lost the second set 19-21! Then, as in the doubles he won the next 3 sets finally winning 12-10. Next up, Siche Qian beat Tony Huggett in 4 sets, and then Rob had another marathon 5 setter with Kim Webb winning the final set 11-6. This meant that the last match was crucial to either a draw or a win. George Jones lost his first set to Sue, but then came back to win the next 3 sets and clinched a 6-4 win for the Q’s.
— Colin French