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Top of Premier League

STTA leagueWe are almost one month into the new season and the league tables are starting to take shape already.  The strength of the Waterside TTC teams is evident throughout the divisions, with our teams either leading the way, or being hot on the heels of the leaders in all five divisions.

Perhaps most impressively, Waterside TTC currently occupies both first and second place in the Premier Division with some exceptional team and individual performances over the first month from all of the members of the A and B teams.

For the A team, Adam Proszko has only dropped two sets so far in twelve games, Martyn Matuzevicius looks to have improved hugely over the summer and his average rating is already much higher than his fine 66% effort from last season and Brian Hayes capped a fine week for the A side by taking all three games against Southampton West D.

For the B team, Jamie Trevilion looks to be one of the most improved players in the league and has only dropped one game in his first four matches, Wojciech Placek has carried on his good form from the second half of last season picking up a notable three game night against Alpha A and Matthew Daish, James Mason and Phil Handy have shown the strength in depth of the B team by taking games against Generation II and Southampton West A.  In particular Phil Handy was unlucky not to pick up more points, finishing on the wrong end of two five set epics against Chris Butt and Chris Wilshere that could have gone either way.

Good luck to everyone for next week’s games and enjoy looking at the table, here’s hoping we can say that at the end of the season!