Competitions, Waterside Closed

Waterside Closed 2012

Although the entry for this year’s annual club tournament, which happened on 3rd March, was a little disappointing it proved to be a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. The format that John used ensured that everyone got plenty of games, and most importantly no one was knocked out at any stage.

Waterside Closed Tournament Ladies Winner
Sue Zanelotti, Ladies Winner, receive her trophy from Colin French, Club Chairman

With only two ladies taking part it was a straight final between Sue Zanelotti and Xiangjun Wang. Sue started very well winning the first two sets 11-7 and 11-8 and was all set for a three set win, but then Xiangjun took the third set 9-11 after coming from behind. Xiangjun then continued her good form eventually taking the fourth set 17-15 levelling the match. Sue recaptured her form in the final set winning 11-4.

Waterside TTC Closed - Mens
Waterside TTC Closed - Mens

Next up was the men’s singles, with the ladies and the juniors joining in the second round. Players were in either groups of three or four, and after each round players either moved up or down into new groups. The top group in the final round provided us with two thrilling semi finals.

The first semi final was between Brian Hayes and Jason Lockyer, Brian winning 14-12, 11-2, & 12-10. In the second semi final it was an all Polish affair, Wojciech Pacek beat Piotr Deryniowski 11-8, 12-14, 11-1, 11-8.  In the final Brian comfortably took the first set 11-3, but Wojciech played well to win the second set 11-5. Brian took the third set 11-4 and was the eventual winner taking the last set 11-9.

Waterside TTC - Juniors
Waterside TTC - Juniors

In the Junior event there were only four boys, but never the less it was a good competition. Josh Lockyer took third place beating James Muirhead 7-11, 11-8, 11-7 & 12-10. William Stevens had an excellent afternoon and was the undefeated winner. William had a very tough match with Artur Veeck . He lost the first set 9-11, but after going to deuce in the second set he took it 12-10 and then won the third set 11-8.The fourth set was another close won, but William eventually took it 12-10, a worthy winner.

James Stevens and Wojciech Pacek - doubles winners

The doubles event was what our club championships is all about, friendly rivalry. It began with a draw for partners. Players were in four ability groups, so there were some interesting partnerships! Third place went to William Stevens and Nico Caltabiano beating Piotr and Josh Lockyer 11-9, 11-8, & 11-6. The final was an excellent match. Could the dynamic duo of James Gorridge and Peter (‘Dave’) Hinxman be a match for the lightning fast Wojciech and his new apprentice James Stevens?  James G and Peter won the first set 11-4, Peter’s unconventional spin was obviously too difficult to read. Then Wojciech and James S  took the second set 11-5. The third set was very close and James G and Peter eventually won it 14-12. With Wojiech and James winning the fourth set  11-7 it was all set up for a fifth and final set. In the end class showed through and James Stevens, ably supported by the odd good shot from Wojiech, won the last two sets and 11-9.