Competitions, Division 2, Southampton League

Waterside H rollercoaster

We were under no illusions that playing in Division 2 this season was not going to be as straightforward as our matches in Division 3 were last season!  Last Wednesday’s match (5th October) against an experienced South West L side brought us down to earth, with a 9-1 drubbing, with Colin French winning the solitary match against Lee Rosamund.

It was with some trepidation that we witnessed the three South West J youngsters warming up before last Monday’s (10th October) fixture. Perhaps it was our unorthodox play, not playing an open game, but varying the direction of chop-returned balls and having, perhaps, greater concentration, leaving the opposition to have a go at offensive strokes that led to their downfall.  As the season wears on, that team of youngsters will undoubtedly improve and choose their attacking strokes more circumspectly, with greater effect.  We were flattered by the result and the match was closer than a cursory glance might suggest.  One curious feature occurred in the doubles’ result:  the match went to 5 sets, with the first four games closely fought and swinging one way then the other.  However, the fifth set was surprisingly won 11-0, to clinch the game.

So, we reversed last week’s score, with a 9-1 win.  Tony Tidswell has the team’s highest average, at 66.7%, with Dave and Jeff on 50% and Colin on 33.3%, commendably gained in last week’s strenuous conflict.

Jeff Davies