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Waterside’s very own “Invincibles”

The A team
Waterside Invincibles: Adam Proszko, Brian Hayes and Martin Matuzevicius,

In the same way that Arsenal went unbeaten in the 2003-2004 Premier League Season, Waterside A has managed to win the Southampton Premier League without tasting defeat all season.  Coincidentally, the last time a team managed to go unbeaten for a whole season was Generation 2, who managed the feat in the same 2003-2004 season, winning by a margin of 17 points.

So congratulations go to Waterside A’s team of Adam Proszko, Brian Hayes and Martin Matuzevicius, who have also managed to win the league by a record breaking margin of 41 points, taking that particular honour away from the Southampton West’s A Team from 2010-2011 who won with a 40 point cushion.  This feat is even more impressive considering that Waterside accomplished its goal by winning its last two fixtures, only relinquishing one game.

This also is the first time in the last 18 years that a team from outside of Generation 2, Alpha or Southampton West have won the Premier Division title.