Junior Coaching


Robot in action at Waterside Table Tennis Club
Robot in action at Waterside Table Tennis Club

The club is proud of having a good coaching setup that allows youngsters to fully develop their abilities. Waterside’s Coaching Team employ a variety of techniques and tools to help players achieving high standards. The Club has acquired, on long-term loan, a new robot with greater functionality! The robot can be used to help the youngsters improve their stroke-playing during their coaching sessions.  It can be programmed to cater for a wide variety of strokes they need to practice.

Mutliball training

Another training activity used with our young players is multiball. This activity is very useful if young players want to develop their technique as the coach can vary location and speed of balls. Multiball is a form of high intensity table tennis training, where the coach typically stands at the side of the table with a container of balls, which he hits to the player one at a time in quick succession.

Using multiball, a coach can feed a number of balls with different types of spin and speed in quick succession. This allows the coach to work the player very hard, while not getting too tired himself, and also allows a coach to simulate a higher standard of play then he is actually capable of playing in competition.