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BATTS Junior Super Series

Jared Hon and Danny Klinger played the BATTS Junior 2 Star on Sunday. There was a full entry of 48 players in this exciting format of 6 players per group. Danny and Jared were seeded 5th in their respective groups and although both had an opportunity to beat their seeding, the strength of the entry was such that they finished in their seeded positions.

With both players now in the top half of the draw for their Band 3 event it meant that should they successfully negotiate the opening round matches they would meet in the quarter final. Sure enough the boys did not disappoint and the all Waterside clash was on.

As is normal coach Ken let them get on with it on their own and a tough battle was eventually won by Jared 3-1 coming from 1-0 down to secure the semi final spot.

The semi final opponent Ewan H put up a fight with his predominantly forehand style but Jared was the victor to setup a clash in the staged final with Siva.

A quick check of the ranking list reveals that Siva although younger was higher ranked than Jared. In the final Jared was too strong on both wings for Siva and took home his first tournament win and the prize money.