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Hampshire Closed Tournament Results

Listed below are the results from the Hampshire Closed Tournament, with an assortment of pictures taken on the day. A big thankyou to Alan Man for the action pictures.

Junior Girls                             Winner             Scarlet McDonagh

                                               Runner up        Eve O’ Neil

Veteran Ladies                       Winner            Anne Longland

                                               Runner up       Geraldine Morle

Junior Boys                            Winner             Ben Poulter

                                              Runner up        Jared Schaller

Cadet Girls                            Winner            Charlotte Fee

                                              Runner up       Scarlet McDonagh

Junior Open Doubles            Winners          Simon Parker / Ian Parkyn

                                              Runners up     William Agombar / Joe Watkins

Ladies Singles                       Winner            Fallon Thompson

                                              Runner up       Geraldine Morle

Cadet Boys                           Winner            William Agombar

                                             Runner up       Jared Hon

Mixed Doubles                     Winners          Clive Welsman / Fallon Thompson

                                             Runners up     Paul May / Anne Longland

Mens Vets                            Winner            Tony Reynolds

                                             Runner up       Chistos Hannides

Open Doubles                      Winners          Brian Hayes / Artur Caltabiano

                                             Runners up     Paul May / Cameron Brealey

Mens Singles                       Winner           Wojceick Placek

                                             Runner up      Brian Hayes