Horsham Spinners 2 Star

Waterside TTC had five representatives competing at the Topspin Sports Horsham Spinners 2 Star event.

With a multitude of events it was a long and tiring day but the boys were determined and tiredness was not a factor in the days’ play which is a good indication of fitness levels.

The U17 event saw Will Agombar play strongly in the group stage and negotiate his way to the main draw. In the main draw Will lost out to Jacob Ling in a hard fought match but it was a good showing at this age level.

The U15 event had three Waterside players competing Thomas “Toto” Agombar, Will Agombar and Danny Klinger. Thomas was undaunted by higher ranked or older players and a feature of his matchplay was the constant level of his performance which did not dip throughout the day. The smile on his face stayed constant as well which is a great attribute to have.
Will played hard and well in his group to qualify as winner and go through to the main draw.
Danny played equally well to qualify from his group in 2nd place losing only to the strong Joe Cox. In the main draw Danny played winner of group one, Aniket Bhanushali and triumphed to set up a semi-final match with Tom Chesworth of Corby Smash Club. In the semi-final Danny gave it all but Tom proved too strong on the day and progressed to the final.

Having defeated Jack Roberts in the previous main draw round Will played Joe Cox and like Danny in the group stage fought hard but Joe (also from Corby Smash) took the win and the place in the final. So it had been Corby Smash v Waterside clashes in the semi-finals and now an all Waterside 3rd 4th play off while the Corby Smash boys fought out the final. In the all Waterside affair Will Agombar secured the 3rd place and in the Corby Smash final Tom Chesworth took the honours to secure Corby Smash’s first ever win at a 1 or 2 star Cadet event.

The U14 event saw Jared Hon, Danny and Jamie Klinger in action. Jamie fought well but the opposition was just a bit too strong on the day in the opening group so finishing 3 he went into the U14 Consolation Event. Danny was due to face number 1 seed Harry Yip but he had earlier pulled out and was replaced as number 1 seed by Scotland Number 2 U13 Charlie McGowan. Charlie beat both Danny and Aniket Bhanashali to win the group with Danny losing out to Aniket for the place in the main draw and joined brother Jamie in the Consolation event. Danny however had been playing well so entered the consolation event with some good form behind him. Group 3 in which Jared was playing turned out to be a veritable group of death . Jared was faced by Krish Chotai (Winner of U13’s) and Tom Chesworth (Winner of U15’s). This group went on for some time with really close matches of excellent quality. Jared pulled off a big win by defeating Tom Chesworth and with Krish Chotai repeating that feat meant that Jared progressed to the main draw despite a loss to Krish. Tom had played very well and was unlucky to meet the other two firing on all cylinders – a really tough group.

The first round of the main draw saw Jared play Aniket Bhanashali and this resulted in a good win for Jared. In the quarter final of the U14’s Jared faced Scotland Number 2 U13 Charlie McGowan and this was a titanic match which went to the 5th end. Jared stayed focused and strong and pulled off another great win to move into the semi-final. In the Semi he met Jack Roberts who Jared found awkward and did not manage to rise to the same level of play against. Jack played well and secured his place in the Final. Jared then played Krish Chotai in the 3rd place playoff but could not mentally shrug off the earlier defeat and was not really competitive – a good learning point.

Meanwhile the U14 Consolation event had become very interesting with two strong players at opposite ends of the draw. Danny Klinger and Tom Chesworth were the standout players in the draw. Danny defeated Jamie Woodford in the semi-final of the event and waited to see the result of Tom Chesworth’s match with brother Jamie Klinger. Jamie found Tom too hot to handle and that meant Danny would play Tom in the final. It was a hard fought match with quality from both players but in the end Tom took the honours.

The U13 event saw a tremendous performance from Thomas Agombar to qualify from the group and take his place in the main draw as runner-up of group 1. With runners-up playing group winner in the first round of the main draw Thomas next match was a bit more difficult and he succumbed to James Donald but he can be proud of his performance. The other Waterside player in the U13’s Jared Hon struggled and failed to shake off the defeat in the U14’s and was unable to play to any sort of level in the U13 qualifying group which meant he progressed to the U13 Consolation event. It should be noted before moving to the consolation event that the U13’s stand out match was between Krish Chotai and Charlie McGowan which was edged by Krish who ent on to win the event. Fortunately for Jared there was a bit of a break before the Consolation event began which gave him a little more time to regain composure.

Jared started fairly slowly in the U13 Consolation still struggling with his earlier loss in U14 semi. However he gradually improved and won his first round match and quarter final match without too much difficulty. In the semi-final Jared met his friend Felipe Fujimori, whom he has played in the last two tournaments. Jared was now playing strongly again and inflicted a straight sets defeat on Felipe who struggled to cope with the incessant attack from Jared. In the final Jared played Felipe’s team mate Ben Mckay and although not playing at the level of the morning’s performance in the U14’s won 3-0 to take the event win. Perhaps as important for Jared as the big performances on the day will be the reflection on coping better and maintaining performance level regardless of results.

The U12’s was Thomas “Toto” Agombar’s territory and he played strongly in the group to win all his games. As group winner he went through to face Felipe Fujimori in the 1st round of the main draw. Thomas played well but was unable to defeat Felipe.

Overall a very good day for the Waterside boys with everyone having some success. Everyone has something to build on – onwards and upwards 🙂