July Newsletter

READY TO RETURN ISSUE 1 20th July 2020

Hi Everyone,


Surprise news, we can start again at Testwood now that term has ended and indoor sport can resume after 25th July. They have agreed, under certain conditions, that we can use the Sports Hall during the holidays when staff and pupils are not there. We can resume practice nights on Mondays and Fridays initially from 7.00 – 10.30pm starting on Monday 27th July.

IF we resume on Monday 27th, there is much to be done. There are 22 documents on the TTE website, you can find them at the Ready to Return page. It is proving to be very difficult to plan how we can safely return following the guidelines since advice is changing all the time. For example we were working on a layout of 6 tables with appropriate spacing and the organization of the sessions. This has suddenly changed to a different set up of 9 tables.

I have attached three documents that you need to read. The first is Venue Layouts – Sports Hall version, there is a lot of guidance here, and the grey shaded sections are the parts that have just been changed / updated. It gives you a good indication as to how the sessions will be run. The document suggests you to refer to the Hygiene and Facility Guidance on the TTE website which has further information if you wish to read it. The second attachment is a poster Returning to Club Activity which is a very useful quick guide to Hygiene and Spatial & Facility Usage recommendations.


The third attachment WTTC Codes of Conduct and Principles of return to play is something that all players and parents of juniors MUST read, agree to abide by, and sign BEFORE coming to Testwood.  You can sign the form, scan it and e mail it to me. I will also accept (without signature) an e mail simply confirming that you have read and agreed to the code of conduct and principles of return. This isa Sport England / TTE  requirement that we have to adhere to. If you want to play I suggest asap that you e mail me and confirm this.



With only a week to go, and possibly less than that, I can’t see that we will have an online booking system linked to payment. It is also true to say that guidance might change once again in a couple of weeks and booking a table might well change. But however sessions are organized ONLY PLAYERS THAT HAVE PRE BOOKED WILL BE ALLOWED TO PLAY


There will be 3 sessions every Monday and Friday

session 1:  7.00-8.00,              session 2:  8.15 – 9.15            session 3: 9.30 – 10.30          

To start with you can only book for one of these sessions per night, it would be easier if you can book a table with a practice partner. Advice is changing and it will be possible that a bubble of 6 players in a row of 3 tables, or 4 players over 2 tables can change partners during their one hour session. There will be further clarification but to start with   

1. E mail me re code of conduct     

2. Tell me which Monday or Friday session you would like to book.


Since we do not yet have an online booking and payment system and advice is that we do not collect payment at sessions you will initially be allowed to run up a bill and we will collect payment at the end of the month, or advise you of any changes to this.

Sessions will have to be for just one hour followed by a changeover period of 15 minutes to wipe down tables and barriers. No one else is using the hall so once it is set up then the tables stay in place.

The deadline for booking a Monday session is midnight Saturday. The deadline for booking a Friday session is midnight Wednesday. I need the day before the session to organize the tables. I have no idea as to how many people will want to play, and there’s the problem, what to charge? Initially we will charge £4 for adults and £3 for juniors, I know this is just for one hour as opposed to a whole evening, but in addition to the hall charge there are other overheads.

It is important to stress that players should arrive at the exact time of the beginning of their session, be all ready to play in their kit, and leave straight away when the session ends, no socializing with other players. Each player will need to sign in on arrival and fill in their contact details in line with track and trace.


There is still much to be done especially with regard to PPE, I am still waiting to hear from the school regarding this, but until I hear to the contrary I am working on the assumption that we will have to provide all of our own PPE.

Except for parents (one from each household) only the players for the current session are allowed in the hall. The organizer/s and any parent that decides to stay in the hall must wear a face mask. The organizer should wear gloves for setting up and wiping down the tables and chairs.

It is recommended that players use their own hand gel for each session , but there will also  be hand sanitisers ( with a minimum of 60% alcohol) on the entry and exit to the hall.

IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO GET SANITISERS / GLOVES at short notice please tell me asap!


So I am going to volunteer to run the Monday sessions. I am 69 and only one year away from the vulnerable category. Four other committee members (3 keyholders) are in the vulnerable category. Ken Macleod is now living and coaching in Greece and Wojciech has gone back to Poland and is living and working at his father’s farm, neither will be coming back any when soon.

So we are in a very difficult situation in relation to volunteers, and as things stand unless we get more volunteers to run sessions, it just won’t happen! It’s difficult when we are saying that we need the minimum of helpers / organisers in the room at any one time. The only thing that I can guarantee is that Monday 27th will happen. My wife and I will probably go in during the day on Monday to set everything up.

There is so much more to share with you, but by now you have too much to take in. I hope to send a further update in a couple of days’ time.


Colin French

Chairman Waterside TTC

02380 813 804