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STTA League 11-12

The new season is starting and once more Waterside TTC will be well represented in the Southampton League 2011-2012. Waterside have 13 teams that will be competing for the top spot in the Premier League and all 4 Divisions.

So we can all know the teams, here is a list of all players, teams and the divisions they play.

Premier League

Waterside A

Jon Evans, Glenn Wilshire, Brian Vibert and Christos Hannides

Division One

Waterside B

Steve Hemmings, Alan Gordon, Shaun Newcomb

Waterside C

Tim Gray, William Annan, Leyon Joseph, Yu Huang

Waterside E

James Gorridge, Albert Harding, James Harkins, Dominic Ford

Division Two

Waterside F

Rowland Spencer-Smith, Tony Fenner, Daniel Long, Amy Blagbrough

Waterside G 

Ed Linney, Sid Bawden, Piotr Deryniowski, Wojciwch Placek

Waterside H
Jeff Davies, David Goodyear, Tony Tidswell, Colin French

Division Three

Waterside J

Tony Fern, Carlos D’Avreu, Svet Ignatov

Waterside K

Tony Ha, Trevor Mowle, Ian Waldock

Waterside L

Bob Davies, Tony Hugget, Matthew Moody, Alan Bone

Division Four

Waterside M

Antonio Caltabiano, Artur Caltabiano, Sue Zanelloti

Waterside N

Lisa Stevens, William Stevens, James Stevens, Max Herbertson

Waterside O

Peter Hinxman, Sandra Rose, Erco Ehvert, Xiangjun Wang, Lichun Chen, Richard Barrett, James Fensome