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Waterside Individual Summer League 2019


The first individual summer league matches was Tuesday 13th Aug.  The league is held every Tuesday for 5 weeks

Doors open 7pm start 7.30pm

Winner of the groups gets 4pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2pts, 4th 1 pt.

Players who are in the same groups of players that they have played before, will not play them again. 

Next fixtures

Week 5 groups

Group 2, Jamie Heasman, Tim Gray, Joe Watkins, Andrew Jeffery

Group 1, Ed Slot, Cameron Brealy, David Wills, John Quinn, James Harkins

Group 3, Svet Ignatov, Sorin Lakatos, Trevor Mowle, Carl Matuszek, Albert Garcia.

Group 4a, Celia Hooker, Paul Spencer, Mike Harris, Peter Tennant.

Group 4b, Steve Swan, Helen Hodrien, Charles Lamden, Lee Stride, Bill Bavister, Paul Rapson, Tony Huggett, Trudy Martin,    


Top 5 Players, John Quinn 15 Pts, David Wills 15 Pts,  Cameron Brealey 12 Pts, Joe Watkins 10 Pts, Jamie Heasman 10Pts.

Weekly Results

Week 4 group Results

Group 17, Ed Slot 4Pts, Sorin Lakatos 3Pts, Mike Harris 2Pts, Steve Swan 1Pt, Trudy Martin 0Pts. Andrew Jeffery 0Pts,

Group 18, Cameron Brealey 4Pts, James Harkins 3Pts. Svet Ignatov 2Pts, Joe Watkins 1Pt, Peter Tennant 0Pts, Helen Hodrien 0Pts, Tony Huggett 0Pts,

Group 19, David Wills 4Pts, Jason Lockyer 3Pts, Tim Gray 2Pts, Celia Hooker 1Pt,Carl Matuszek 0Pts, Charles Lamden 0Pts, Paul Rapson 0Pts.

Group 20, Jamie Heasman 4Pts, John Quinn 3Pts, Albert Garcia 2Pts, Trevor Mowle 1Pt, Paul Spencer 0Pts, Lee Stride 0Pts, Bill Bavister 0Pts,

Week 3 groups results

Group 13, Ed Slot 4pts, Joe Watkins 3Pts,  Paul Spencer 2 Pts, Steve Swan 1 Pt, Carl Matuszek 0 pts, Tony Huggett 0Pts

Group 14,  James Harkins 4Pts, Trevor Mowle 3Pts, Andrew Jeffery 2Pts, Celia Hooker 1Pt, Helen Hodrien 0Pts, Trudy Martin 0Pts. Cameron Brealey,Did not play

Group 15, Albert Garcia 4Pts, David Wills 3Pts, Jamie Heasman 2Pts, Sorin Lakatos 1Pt, Peter Tennant 0Pts, Charles Lamden 0Pts, Bill Bavister 0Pts. 

Group 16, John Quinn 4Pts, Tim Gray 3Pts , Svet Ignatov 2Pts, Mike Harris 1Pt, Lee Stride 0Pts, Paul Rapson 0Pts.

Week 2 groups – results

Group 9, Tim Gray 4 Pts, , Steve Swan 3 Pts, Paul Rapson 2 pts, Peter Tennant 1 Pt,Ed slot Did not play Trevor Mowle Did not play

Group 10, Cameron Brealey 4Pts, Albert Garcia 3 Pts, Mike Harris 2Pts,  Bill Bavister 1Pt, Helen Hodrien 0Pts, Jamie Heasman Did not play , Carl Matuszek Did not play,

Group 11, David Wills 4 Pts, Andrew Jeffery 3 Pts,  Charles Lamden 2 Pts, Trudy Martin 1 Pt .Svet Ignatov Did not play,  Paul Spencer Did not play,

Group 12, John Quinn 4 Pts, Joe Watkins 3 Pts, Soriin Lakatos 2Pts, Celia Hooker 1 Pt, Lee Stride 0 Pts, Tony Huggett 0pts.

Week 1 groups – results

Group 5,  Jamie Heasman 4pts, Svet Ignatov 3pts, Celia Hooker 2pts, Steve Swan 1pt , Bill Bavister 0pts. Ed slot Did not play

Group 6, Cameron Brealey 4pts, Tim Gray, Sorin Lakatos 3 pts, Paul Spencer 2pts, Helen Hodrien 1pt, Paul Rapson 0pts, Tim Gray,Did not play

Group 7, David Wills 4pts, Joe Watkins 3pts, Trevor Mowle 2pts, Mike Harris 1pt , Charles Lamden 0pts, Tony Huggett 0pts.

Group 8, John Quinn 4pots, Andrew Jeffery 2pts, Carl Matuszek 3pts, Peter Tennant 1 pt, Lee Stride 0pts, Trudy Martin 0pts.