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Waterside Pre-season Tournament

On 9th Seotember 2017 there was free pre-season tournament to members of Waterside Table Tennis Club. There was a singles and a doubles competition.

The Singles tournament followed a sequence of group matches. Everyone played 6 matches, 2 in each round of group stages. The results of each round of group matches determined which group each player played in the next round, leading to a final set of groups which were ordered in ability order.

The following final order of the Singles Event:

1        Wojcieck Placek

2        Eric Cheng

3        William Poulter

4        Rajdeep Pandit

5        Ed Slot

6        Ben Poulter

7        Brian Hayes

8        Paul May

9        Tim Wu

10      Jared Schaller

11      Cameron Brealey

12      Geoff Cockcroft

13      Andy Prince

14      Rusel Hasan

15      Trevor Mowle

16      Joe Watkins

17      Tony Huggett


After the Singles Event, there was a doubles tournament.

The runners-up were :

William Poulter & Trevor Mowle

The Winners were :

Brian Hayes & Tim Wu