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Who says Table Tennis isn’t rock and roll?!

At the end of 2013, Waterside Table Tennis Club turned into a movie set for the day, when we were visited by Circle of Reason and played host for the shoot of their new music video. The video, with some familiar faces, has finally been released and is being used as part of the promotion for the band’s up coming tour with Inherit the Stars.

If you are interested, dates for the tour can be found here and the band’s PR release is below.


Circle of Reason are an Alt/Rock, prog band from the Southwest of the UK.

They draw their influences from a number of bands, such as The Smashing Pumpkins, QOTSA, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, yet they still retain their own diverse and individual sound and style.

Each song varies and that’s what keeps you interested and listening. Their material is packed with soft and heavy guitar riffs, soaring choruses with warm vocals.

They are a very versatile group and have songs ranging from melancholy instrumentals to heavy rock with prog and metal mixed in.

Circle Of Reason have released three singles which make up their ep A Favour For A Stranger that are all available to download from iTunes and many other online outlets, They are called Chasing The Sun, Sea Of Voices and Silver Scene, the music videos for all songs have been played on music channels on TV such as Scuzz, Kerrang and Lava and have racked up an impressive amount of views on youtube.

They EP has received some great press

“This is truly hard hitting material for a debut EP” Big Cheese Magazine
“Exciting from start to finish and refusing to conform to any particular style” Loud Stuff
“They have managed to find a medium between post rock and metal which blends the beauty of multiple heavier genres into one triumphant striding effort” Rock Regeneration
“Deliciously textured and bursting with fruitful energy, giving the world a taste of what Circle Of Reason are about” Room Thirteen
“A hard hitting ep that grabs your attention from the get go” Stencil magazine

With some top shows under their belts, playing alongside some great bands such as Inme, Landscapes, Girlschool, Fighting With Wire, Freeze The Atlantic, UB40, Snakecharmer, The Temperance Movement, From The Jam, The Smoking Hearts, Steak Number Eight, Attention Thieves, Marmozets, Feed The Rhino, Floods, Zico Chain, Neck Deep and many more. Circleof Reason plan to do a lot more of the same.

Their new EP These Hands And This Mind was released on July 29th, it includes the single/video Don’t Be Still and the latest single/video Themes Amongst Thieves

It has also received some great press

“Influenced by the likes of Pumpkins, QOTSA and Coheed and Cambria, in due time they could well be next in line to follow on from these greats” Big Cheese mag
“It’s really refreshing to hear a band utilize so many different styles on one ep and in today’s oversaturated rock market this is bound to win them plenty of new fans” Electric Harmony
“Spontaneous, fresh and unpredictable: these words sum up the essence of These Hands And This Mind” Rock Britain
“These Hands And This Mind has marked Circle Of Reason as one of the most thrilling emerging bands in UK rock and with you feel so much more to come. Really it’s hard not to be excited about this band” Ringmaster Reviews
“5 Assured and and sincere tracks, Loud and forceful with fearless intervals of beauty, it’s an organic collection of alternative, prog infused tracks that seem like a rare jewel in today’s rock crown” Powerplay mag

They have that certain bit of difference that is desperately needed within the music scene and it’s that difference that will set them apart from the rest.