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World Championship of Ping Pong

Ping Pong at WatersideA qualifying event for the World Championship of Ping Pong is coming to Waterside Saturday 18th October.


bat flyer
Forget the thickness of rubber, speed glue, pimples in or out this tournament is based on a standardised bat, a sandpaper bat. The bats will be provided for the tournament.

Rules / Regulations

For the 2014 English WCPP qualification series, there will be 4 spaces available.
The 4 qualifiers will be determined by way of an overall point based rating system.
These 4 players will qualify for the WCPP finals to be held at Alexandra Palace in
London on 24/25th January 2015.
Players can enter as many of the official WCPP qualification tournaments as they
wish, but only their top 3 or 4 performances will be processed as follows:-
3 main events, or 2 main events and 2 satellite events will determine each player’s
final rating at the end of the series.
Players who have pre-qualified or foreign players that intend on playing in their own
country qualifier can enter any of the qualification tournaments, but only as a guest.
They are permitted to play in the group stage only, and they games will be classified
as a walkover to their opponent.
This year there will be 2 types of qualification tournaments.
Main events (64 players on 8 tables) and Satellite events (32 players on 4 tables).
Satellite events will be held at local clubs up and down the county. (TBA)


Main events will be 64 players, groups of 8, top 4 qualify for knockout.
Group Positions:- 1st = 8pts, 2nd = 6pts, 3rd = 4pts, 4th = 2pts. Knockout:- Win = 2pts, Loss = 1pt.
Satellite events will be 32 players, groups of 8, top 4 qualify for knockout.
Group Positions:- 1st = 4pts, 2nd = 3pts, 3rd = 2pts, 4th = 1pt. Knockout:- Win = 1pt, Loss = 0pts.
Bonus points will be awarded at each event as follows:-
Main event tournament Winner = 4pts, RU = 3pts, ½ Final = 2pts, ¼ Final = 1pt.
Satellite event tournament Winner = 2pts, RU = 1.5pts, ½ Final = 1pt, ¼ Final = 0.5pts.


All matches apart from the final will be best of 3 games, up to 15 with sudden death
played at 14 -14. The final will be best of 5 games.
The double point ball rule will be in force throughout the tournament.
The double point ball can only be played once during each match by each player,
apart from the final, where a second double point ball is available to each player.
Each player can only choose to play the double point ball on their first or second
service, but only if their score is 12 points or less.
The opponents score is not relevant when calling for the double point ball.
Each player will still have 2 consecutive serves each, regardless of the score.
If the player calling for the double point ball wins the point, 2 points are awarded.
If the opposing players wins the point, only 1 point is awarded.
Orange balls will be used in general play, with the white ball being used when
playing the double point ball.
The official WCPP Dunlop sandpaper bats will be provided at each tournament.
Players must exchange bats when changing ends.
Players are NOT permitted to use their own WCPP bats.
Foreign Players
Foreign players residing in England can choose to play in either the English
qualification series or their home qualification event, but not both.
Special Categories.
There are no separate categories for women or foreign players this year.
For more information, please contact Fred Dove (WCPP English event’s organiser)
Mobile: 07795 262750
Home: 01255 679076

To enter the tourmanent complete the following form with £10 for juniors or £20 for seniors.

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