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Saturday 17th October 2020 Start Time: 10.00am.

Sunday 25th October 2020 Start time: 10.00am.

Please initially choose one of these dates to enter, if undersubscribed you will be invited to enter the other event. Spaces are limited.

To book a place at the tournaments choose the tournament date and book through (click here).


  1. This competition is only open to WTTC members. All players will play 5 matches best of 5 sets.
  2. It will be run on a group of 6 all play all basis with no knockout! The groups will be organised based on STTA ranking. Unranked players will be placed in a group deemed appropriate by the Organising Committee.
  3. The four groups will be in ranking order.
  4. Play will be on 8 tables. Each group, or bubble of 6, will play their matches over 2 tables.
  5. Scoring machines will not be used for all matches. When umpiring players need to call out the scores
  6. There will be no trophies, just enjoy the opportunity for competition
  7. Changing rooms and showers are not to be used for showering or changing, this should be done at home and players to arrive ready to play.

In order for this tournament to go ahead, we will all be expected to follow government and TTE protocols regarding COVID.

  1. We are only allowed to play in a maximum bubble of 6 (hence groups of 6 with longer format matches).
  2. We will not be using scoring machines! Anti-bacterial wipes and sanitiser will to be available on the umpires table.
  3. All players will be expected to umpire, all umpires will have to use their own pen!
  4. Scores will be written onto the scoresheet per table.
  5. Balls will be cleaned before each match!
  6. We will all be expected to maintain social distancing in the area outside the courts when not playing. Face masks should be worn by anyone when not playing.
  7. Players will be able to swap ends during the matches. Tables can be cleaned between matches if required, but on a regular basis throughout the competition, cleaning solution will be available in the hall, players to clean tables during competition, organiser will ensure all tables cleaned prior to start of play.
  8. Hands need to be sanitised upon entry to the centre, which is provided at the entrance, but players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser.
  9. The organiser will be the only person to make any adjustments to tables, nets and barriers.
  10. There will be no handshaking, slapping hands between players and umpires.
  11. No breathing on the ball; and no hand wiping on the table surface.
  12. No spectators or coaches will be permitted entry.
  13. All players / volunteers are encouraged to download the NHS Track and Trace app, and check in upon entry to the venue.