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Young Players Tournament 4th March 2017

Here are the results for the Young Players tournament held at Waterside Table Tennis Club on 4th March 2017. The competition follows a sequence of group matches involving all players. The results of each round of group matches determine which groups each player plays in for the next round so that the final groups are ordered in ability order to give the following final order :


1 Russel Hasan Cantell/Waterside

2 Oscar Barnes Bittern Park

3 Georgia Barker South Wonston

4 Hugo Jackson B/mth School for Boys

5 Henry Rogers Applemore

6 Harry New St. Marys

7 George Fry Testwood

8 Joe Hill Mountbatten

9 Danny Klinger South Wanston

10 Adam Alexander Hounsdown

11 Sam Banfield Applemore

12 Josh Banfield Applemore

13 Felix West Park School

14 Sachin Nagchowdhury Waterside

15 Jamie Klinger South Wanston

16 Sam Greenland Noadswood

17 Tara Nagchowdhury Waterside