Procedures – Equal Opportunities Policy

Table Tennis as one of the world’s great sports is played and enjoyed by millions of people
in every continent, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality,
colour, parental or marital status, pregnancy, religious belief, class or social background,
sexual preference or political belief. Waterside TTC recognises that in an increasingly
diverse society it is necessary to support the principles of equal opportunities which will
ensure that all of its participants in training and coaching programmes are treated not only
fairly but also on an equal basis.

Waterside TTC will actively promote its training and education programmes within key target
groups, namely; women and girls, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minority
communities and people from socially excluded communities in accordance with its Equality
and Diversity Policy and the Equality Standard for Sport objectives. Waterside TTC further
acknowledges that different ethnic minority communities exist, and that people from these
communities will have different opportunities to take part in these programmes. In view of
this, the association will commit to ensuring its work will target those people and
communities that are most socially excluded.

Waterside TTC will further ensure that all its materials, procedures and assessment
techniques will take account of the following:
• The language or format used will not be offensive to any of the participants
• Will avoid the use of stereotype or biased attitudes
• The meaning is clear to all participants
• Is readily understandable to all

The challenge facing Waterside TTC is to avoid any inequality within its publicity, education
and assessment processes by embracing the following principles:
• discrimination whether direct or indirect will not be tolerated,
• every member to be responsible for creating a welcoming comfortable environment
for anyone wishing to participate
• that all individuals have the right to participate in and enjoy table tennis
• equality is not just about treating everybody the same, sometimes action needs to be
taken to target any underrepresented groups or relaxing some of the processes to
encourage those people with special needs to participate provided that this action still
upholds the quality and integrity of the training and education programmes,
• all recruitment and selection procedures, whilst meeting all the necessary legal
requirements, will be fair and transparent for all
• any known or perceived inequalities or incidents of harassment, bullying or
victimisation will be regarded as serious misconduct and will be liable to the
appropriate disciplinary action