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National Cadet League – round 1

And the National Cadet League (NCL) season has started. This year, twelve teams, divided into three divisions, started the competition at Waterside. Youngsters of clubs from Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester displayed high quality tabletennis skills. Waterside TTC was represented by two teams. The “A” team with Max, Artur and[Read More…]

November 9, 2011 Competitions, National Cadet League
Waterside TTC in the Cadet League

Waterside TTC in the Cadet League

It was a great experience for James, Artur and William. They started this year’s National Cadet League as the youngest ever WTTC team, this being their first competitive tournament. The improvement of these youngster was noticeable from the first round back in October 2010 to the last round on 13th[Read More…]

March 19, 2011 Competitions, National Cadet League
The girls from Bourneside team, Division 2 winners

Final Round of the National Cadet League

After four rounds which have been played since October, with some outstanding table tennis matches, the Waterside TTC says goodbye to this year’s National Cadet League. Eight teams split into two divisons, 24 players, battled their way to the top spot. Teams from the Waterside TTC, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester[Read More…]

March 15, 2011 Competitions, National Cadet League
Cadet League

Cadet League

James, William and Artur are for sure Waterside’s youngest ever team and are playing in the National Cadet League (NCL). They have already played three rounds in the league against teams from Bournemouth Winchester and Portsmouth, who have players a fair bit older than themselves. Although the standards of players[Read More…]

March 4, 2011 Competitions, National Cadet League