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1, 2, 3, 4!!!

The progress of all of Waterside’s teams this season has been a real joy to behold as the Club has had a strong foothold in every division and has been in with a chance to win all five divisions or be promoted throughout the season.

Waterside TTC’s “A” team – winners of STTA Premier League 2013-14

The “Invincibles” of Brian Hayes, Adam Proszko and Martin Matuzevicius may have won the Premier League by 41 points, but they did draw one game.  Step forward James Harkins, Jason Lockyer and Brian Vibert, who can lay claim to the only unblemished record in any of the divisions who have won Division One and earned promotion to the Premier League, meaning that Waterside will have three teams competing at the top level next season.

Waterside have also managed to make four wins in the top four divisions when Waterside G’s team of William Stevens, Cameron Brealey, Malcolm Davis and Barry Ross clinched the Division Two title with a point to spare.  The Waterside team have had battle with St Deny’s A all season long and after St Denys managed a fine 7-3 win against Waterside H, Waterside G needed 8 points or better to clinch the title.  The match was much closer than the score card suggests and was certainly a nervous one for the members of Waterside G who faced tough opposition in a St Deny’s B team fighting to help their team mates and for survival.

Waterside G managed to win the first six games of the evening to help steady the nerves and Cameron Brealey won the final game of the night to make it 9-1 overall, good enough to win the division outright by a point, rather than on the number of overall wins.

Waterside’s “K” team


Waterside K sealed this year’s success by winning the title on the last day, by moving ahead of a strong Simmarians team to win the Division three title.