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National Cadet League – round 1

And the National Cadet League (NCL) season has started. This year, twelve teams, divided into three divisions, started the competition at Waterside. Youngsters of clubs from Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester displayed high quality tabletennis skills.

Waterside TTC was represented by two teams. The “A” team with Max, Artur and William played in Division 2, and the “B” team, with Josh, James and Katie in Division 3. As in last year, Amy formed a strong team with Ruth and Emma in the Bournemouth “D” team.

The Waterside B team, playing their first season in the NCL, showed a lot of potential and by the end of the season we will see some very good results from the three youngsters.

The “A” played a very strong competition and ended the day promoted to Division 1. The boys ended tied in first place with the girls from the Bournemouth “D” team but went up because they won the head-to-head match against the girls. Next round will be a big challenge!

The final results of the day are in the table below.

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Bournemouth A Waterside A Winchester
Bournemouth B Bournemouth D Portsmouth B
Generation II Bournemouth C Bournemouth E
Portsmouth A North Mundham Waterside B