Domination in Budapest

Sophie Barcsai, 12yrs old and current World Ranked number 11 U13 girl, started 2022 with a dazzling display in Budapest. Sophie who represents Hungary in international competition and the Statisztika Club of Budapest and Waterside TTC, completely dominated the Hungarian National – Budapest Championship with an outstanding performance.

Having travelled from England with father Lazlo Barcsai and coach Ken Macleod her goal was to win the U13 Championship and play well in all the other events. She did exactly what she set out to do, and did so in emphatic fashion. Having secured the U13 title she then took the U15 title which no player in Hungary had done before. With no pausing to celebrate, Sophie dominated the U17 event in the same fashion and added that title to the earlier successes. In the doubles together with Nora Dohoczki she added the U19 Doubles title and bronze in U15 and U17 doubles.

When Interviewed by UTLANPOTLASSPORT of Hungary, Sophie told them her main goal had been to win the U13 Title and the other titles were not ones she had expected to win. “I was very happy with the results, it’s always good to see that the hard work is worth it”.

Sophie is now focusing on International Competitions coming up in Tunisia and Belgium and more training in the coming months.