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St Deny’s Tournament 2015

jennyBarry Dobson organised an invitation only tournament comprising of 3 parts. A singles, a handicap singles and a doubles contest.

The singles matches started with 4 groups of 4, where the top 2 of each group then played in a knockout contest for the main prize and the bottom 2 playing in a knockout contest for the plate prize.mark k

The singles final was won by Jenny Dobson with Mark Kimber the runner up.

The plate was won by Kay Lee.

The handicap event was played best of 3 games to 21 points with a certain mark v iannumber of points start for the weakest player (as determined by their recent league performance). This was won by Mark Kimber and Ian Waldock was the runner-up.
st denys doubles


The doubles event was drawn who played together and against who.

In this contest Martin Cheffy and Mark Kimber beat Barry Dobson and Ian Waldock in the final.