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Waterside TTC AGM and free Practice for all members 7pm on 8th September

WTTC Annual General Meeting Wednesday 8th September 2021 at Testwood HQ at 7.00 pm
Agenda and Report

  1. Members Present
  2. Apologies
  3. Matters arising from minutes of 2019 AGM
  4. Chairman’s Report (Colin French)
    Since we have not had an AGM for two years I will just refer you to John’s Match Secretary’s report on season 2019/20 which was prematurely ended by the first lockdown.
    At the end of the first lockdown 2020 when the school holidays began we restarted Monday and Friday Practices abiding by all the new Covid regulations. Players were only able to play against one other player.
    In October Adam Proszko started Junior Coaching on Mondays and Thursdays with juniors in a bubble of 15 players. All activity was suspended at the end of October when another lockdown was in place and we were able to restart for just 3 weeks in December.
    Spring Term came and went with a further lockdown and we finally resumed in Mid April for all of the Summer Term, when some of the restrictions were relaxed. Then with building works in the sports hall at Testwood we moved some tables to West Totton Centre for Sunday nights only during the school holidays.
    We all need to give a massive thanks to Jeff Davies, Adam Proszko and Trevor Mowle without whom these sessions would never have taken place. Jeff and Adam have been ever present at all the sessions for the whole year. Without them practice and coaching just wouldn’t have happened. Jeff’s attention to detail in making sure that we complied with all the latest Covid regulations has been invaluable. A big thanks also to Trevor Mowle who has masterminded the automatic booking and payment system which Covid rules required. This has been quite time consuming working a system devised by Table Tennis England that has had many shortcomings. Trevor has made the system workable making many adjustments upon the way.
    Thanks also to the Committee, we have had a number of Zoom meetings and with the committee’s support we have managed to keep everything going.
    Looking to the future
    It has certainly been the case that in the last few years as the club has continued to expand the number of volunteers has remained the same. With the loss of John and with Trevor moving away two of our key organisers and key holders will no longer be with us. John and Trevor have been ever present organising weekend events, Summer Leagues, together with Topspin / Stock orders and the complicated online booking system. We don’t have a Match Secretary, Tournament Organiser, Press Secretary, Social Secretary. Nor do we have any volunteers to be key holders to open and close up 5 nights a week. With 100 members it is vital that we have more volunteers to help run the club. VOLUNTEERS PLEASE.
  5. Match Secretary’s Report for 2019 / 2020 (John Fox)
    STTA League – as usual plenty of success, again- more teams and more problems organising some teams.
    Premier Division A team 1st 10th year in a row! C team 3rd, B team 4th, D team 5th Wojciech Placek 96%
    Division 1 E team 1st, F team 6th, G team 9th Jason Lockyer 98%
    Division 2 L team 1st, K team 2nd, I team 3rd, J team 5th Will Agombar and Jared Hon 100%
    Division 3 M team 2nd, N team 5th, R team 8th, Q team 9th, O team 10th, P team 11th Sanjay Nagach. 87%
    Division 4 S team 2nd, T team 6th, U team 8th Mikey Tilsley 92%
    British League – Pretty disastrous from a financial and organisational point of view.
    A team 3rd in Division B 4 B team 8th in Division C4
    Nationa Junior League Division 1 dominated by Waterside teams
    Division 1 A team 1st Joe Watkins 94% B team 2nd Hugh Idle 88% C team 4th
    National Cadet League All divisions dominated by Waterside teams
    Division 1 A team 1st Jared Hon, Danny Klinger 100% B team 2nd Jamie Klinger 70 %
    Division 2 C team 1st Mikey Tilsley 100%
    Division 3 D team 1st Raaghav Sharma 100%, Ethan Kelly 100%
    STTA Junior of the Year: WILLIAM AGOMBAR
    STTA Cadet of the Year: JARED HON
  6. Coaching Report
    It has been difficult to maintain effective coaching during these Covid times but we have taken every opportunity to run coaching sessions when regulations have allowed us to do so. In fact whenever regulations have changed we have complied immediately and Adam has done a great job in difficult circumstances. Once more I have to thank Jeff for his attention to detail to keep the sessions running according to the rules at the time.
    We are very much looking forward to a new season where we will have more coaches available and are planning to increase the opportunities for all of our members to be able to access coaching sessions.
  7. Membership Report (Bob Davies)
    The Corona virus pandemic means that our current membership list remains the same as it was in March 2020 when the Southampton league had to be suspended and the club had to close under the Government’s lockdown regulations.
    At that time the membership stood at 99.
    Up until the total relaxation of regulations in July 2021, periods of play have been allowed under controlled conditions and a table booking arrangement.
    When it came to considering WTTC membership renewal from 1 September 2020, we decided to continue to give the March 2020 members continued membership without any new subscription payment.
    Table Tennis England (TTE) offered a similar concession.
    To enable guests and potential new members to participate in the controlled sessions, we created a Temporary Guest Membership with no subscription payable, just the table booking fees.
    With play now due to resume, just as we knew it before March 2020, we are now in a position to resume collecting membership subscriptions and STTA fees. This will be done via a 2021-2022 membership application form.
  8. Treasurer’s Report (Tony Huggett)
    Strange times! Given that we missed having an AGM at the end of the 2019-20, I will report on that year and then (for what it’s worth) the current one.
    We started in September with the bank balance standing at £26,053.09 which was about £5,000 up on the previous year. We finished it standing at £28, 739.19, so the Club is still accumulating funds, mainly as a result of increased income from practice. Little else changed, but of course our income decreased but so did our outgoings (rent). Coaching turnover was somewhat reduced.
    Of course, the season was cut short in March as a result of lockdown, but, thanks in particular to Colin and Jeff we could reprise the practice before the end of the year and this is reflected in our ability to still increase our bank balance. Year on year comparisons were difficult in these circumstances.
    The only activity, and therefore income, was, again thanks to Colin and Jeff with contributions from participants, was from practice, and, thanks to Adam, coaching.
    The latter was from two periods – September to December and April to July and we have been able to pay Adam £1800 in total (£25 per hour). Now that bookings are now made on line it has not been possible to disaggregate coaching income from practice, but combined our income is currently £7297 equivalent to some (£140 per week) rent of the hall being just over £60 per week at present.
    All this means that our bank balance is still improving and should end up at about £32,000 as we enter the new season, which is good particularly as membership fees have been frozen for a while.
    We have also ridden the potential storm of the school being closed since mid-July by hiring the hall at West Totton at less than £7 per hour over August. We should, despite not coaching, cover the £100 for the 6 sessions.
    We are clearly in a position to hold fees for another year. But the Club has to accept that we are in a post John Fox era and this could have implications for our finances. Key decisions will need to be made (e.g. do we fund someone to ‘man’ the desk; what do we do about trading with Topspin Sports and maintaining stock; running National Leagues, etc)
  9. Election of Officers
    Current post holders to be re – elected en block:
    Chairman & Development Officer – Colin French Treasurer – Tony Huggett
    General Secretary – Jeff Davies Membership Secretary – Bob Davies
    Welfare Officer – Wendy Watkins Webmaster – Ken Macleod
    General Committee Members – Jason Lockyer, Allan Bransgrove
    Also be elected:
    Head Coach – Adam Proszko
    Match Secretary – vacant
    Tournament Organiser – vacant
    Press Officer – vacant
  10. A.O.B.